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The humanBEing Alternate Universe: 4Realms

Sooooo there has always been a full-color fantasy ThBE AU manga that I’d been planning (in between massive amounts of pages) and doing this element practice has pretty much solidified the entire storyline hahahaha! 4Realms will include every character from ThBE (as well as character cameos from all my other series), but the 5 guys are the main crew.

The land that this AU occurs in is called Spiral, and as the name suggests, there are 4 major Realms: Sky, Ice, Lightning, and Center. Each Realm has an Element Guardian that protects the royalty of the Realm (and are the head of the military) but Center has 4 because it’s made up of four minor realms that banded together and made one kingdom. 

SO. Here’s some info on each of the guys in this AU:

  • Kaleb: Earth Guardian from the Sand Region. He has the ability to manipulate anything made out of minerals (metal, rock, sand, diamond, etc.). He is the head of the Center Realm’s Guardians. He is also best friends with the Prince of the Center Realm.

  • Andrew: Wind Guardian from the Zephyr Region.  He is Kaleb’s second in command and very detail oriented and up-tight (so pretty much just regular ThBE Andrew hahahaha)

  • Colin: Water Guardian from the Sea Region. Very gentle and good at negotiating. He can also use his water to heal.

  • Hosea: Fire Guardian from the Blaze Region. Very playful and likes to pull pranks on his fellow Guardians (mostly just Andrew since he’s an easy target).

  •  Toby: The Prince of Center Realm. He’s fairly ADD and drives the King crazy with his unsanctioned adventures throughout Center. But he has a habit of taking a Guardian with him on said adventures, so the King pretty much lets him do whatever.

Aaaaaaaand I’m done rambling for now *flees*

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